Hygiene Care

Customized Cleanings

In our practice, hygiene care (a “cleaning”) is customized for each person’s specific needs. For some, an evaluation confirms that the gums are healthy; they need a simple professional cleaning with one of our hygienists, Lisa, Stephanie and Christa. Others may exhibit some inflammation, gingivitis, or more significant signs of periodontal disease. We recognize our role in protecting your systemic health. Gum infections have been linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other serious medical conditions. We are committed to helping you achieve your total health goals.

We will discuss your options to determine the best, non-surgical approach to your treatment. Healthy gums are the foundation for your oral health.

Beyond that, we will help you understand how critical it is that you are part of the health care team. We will ensure that you have the knowledge, tools, and techniques to support your own health on a daily basis. Then we will be able to recommend the frequency of your visits based on your individual needs.