Managing Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety can prevent people from seeking the care they deserve.

We offer several tailored options to make you comfortable.

the wand™

A wonderful advancement in dentistry that we have been using for some years now is The Wand™. This is a device that electronically delivers anesthesia under a constant pressure. With the conventional syringe, fluid pressure increases when the thumb pushes the plunger. It is the increasing pressure of the anesthetic, not the needle, that hurts.


For those who find it difficult to sit through a dental appointment, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This is a safe and effective way to help relax a nervous patient. Dr. Maskell can provide light sedation for people with significant dental anxiety or for more complex procedures. Our patients appreciate having their care in the same comfortable environment they know.

a variety of other options

Our soft touch also includes CD players and headphones, massage chairs, pillows, and aroma therapy.