TMD Treatment

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Dr. Carol McGonigle D.D.S

Working with "TMJ" patients for over 20 years (of 39 years practicing dentistry).

Many people have jaw joints that click, pop or sound like they are grating. Although that’s not normal, it doesn’t need to be treated if there is no pain involved.

The time to seek help is if you have pain or your jaw gets stuck either when you open or close. It is more obvious when the pain is in the jaw area or it hurts when you chew. TMD pain can also feel like back or neck pain, a toothache, or shoulder pain.

Many times, patients may already be in treatment with another therapist for the neck issues that they have been having. Not until the TMD is treated, do they get more consistent improvement.

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What we offer...

A thorough history review, detailed exam of joints and muscles, followed by a consultation to discuss the findings and treatment options.

Treatment options may include some combination of *bite splint therapy, laser treatment to decrease inflammation an pain, home exercises and occasionally referral to a co-therapist (Physical Therapist, Myofascial pain Specialist, etc. )

*A “bite splint” is not a “night guard”. It is a custom-made device worn on the lower teeth that provides an “ideal bite”, allowing the muscles to relax over time. The number of visits for the process depends on many factors.

Headaches, neck and shoulder pain, as well as facial pain may be a sign of TMD-Temporomandibular Dysfunction. (“TMJ” is the name of the joint, not the problem.)

Our goal of treatment is to solve the riddle of the pain – what has caused it and how can we keep it from coming back.

Please call the office at (520) 323-3186 to schedule an appointment with Dr. McGonigle to answer any questions that you may have regarding TMD treatment.